It is with great heartache that this letter is necessary - After 39 years here, Sandpoint Marina & RV Park Thanks Everyone for their patronage.

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To All Our Valued Guests:


May 12, 2014 was the first opportunity given to Sandpoint by Arizona State Parks to discuss what we believed to be the possibility of a lease renewal.  It became clear relatively early in this meeting that a renewal was not the actual reason for this meeting but, instead, for Arizona State Parks to lay out its expectations of us for our lease termination.  I was not given the opportunity to discuss any of our plans to renovate nor was I given any indication of a chance to respond to an RFP for a new lease. 


Having already secured legal counsel, the owners of Sandpoint have been diligently investigating options and offering alternative solutions to the Attorney General in hopes of securing an outcome to our lease termination other than what was being described in this meeting.  It is with great sadness that I must tell you that no alternative outcome has been accepted leaving only the outcome stipulated by Arizona State Parks in this meeting.


Knowing the importance to both summer and winter guests as each must make preparations, reservations, travel plans, and storage arrangements and acknowledging our gratitude to each and every one of you for your loyal patronage, I will not wait any longer for the powers that be to choose a future that may or may not be kind to you as our guests and Sandpoint as a business.


Although the owners, management and staff still have hope that our alternative solution will be accepted, it is, as of this moment, the desire of Arizona State Parks that Sandpoint Marina & RV Park close its doors after 39 years of service effective February 1, 2015.  This mandate stipulates that all guests must be off the property by February 1, 2015 leaving only the staff to complete the task of removing this company from Arizona State Parks property.


We are so very grateful to all of you for making this Park your home and its community your family.  For those of you that desire to stay with us through what remains of our time here, we are so very thankful and hope that a decision by Arizona State Parks will be forthcoming that would allow our guests to remain with us through the departure process.  For those that will not be returning or will be making their departure plans; know that the memories of your time here will remain in the smiles, hearts and photos that span 39 years in this beautiful place.  We wish you well.



Most Regrettably,



Lisa Lepree

Vice President / General Manager


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